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Livermore, CA 94550

Over 30 Years in Business

California State Licensed Contractor with the following Classification;
D34-Prefabricated Equipment
HIC-Home Improvement Certificate

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Inspections / Cleaning / Repairs 

  • Prefabricated and Masonry
  • Real Estate
  • Property Management
  • Insurance
  • Video Inspections
  • All Repairs
  • Earthquake Damaged Chimney Retrofit
  • Smoke Problems
  • Parts & Replacement – Most Major Prefabricated Fireplaces Manufacturers 
  • Chimney Liners, Gas Logs, Screens, Glass Doors, Damper Systems, Refractory Panels, Fire Brick, Mortar, flashing repair

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Chimney Cleaning

Chimney sweeping is necessary to remove creosote deposits and debris from chimneys and vents. Creosote can build up in your chimney and can lead to fires or flue blockages. A chimney fire in your flue can produce temperatures in excess 2000 degrees and can destroy your chimney and may set your house on fire. If your flue or vent becomes blocked by creosote or debris, fumes and odors can be forced into your home. Chimney sweeping is a vital service to protect the health and safety of your family and home.

All chimneys should be inspected annually and swept as needed. Chimney inspections and cleaning help prevent costly repairs and damaging chimney fires.


Safety inspections of chimneys are an important service we perform.  We look for any problem in your chimney or condition that might lead to serious problems in the future or could prevent peak performance.  If there are any problems, we can recommend the necessary steps to ensure that your chimney will function properly and provide you with outstanding performance.  If required, we can use a video inspection camera to view hidden parts of your flue.

Chimney Caps

The best way to prevent deterioration from moisture and rain, or from animals, leaves, and other debris entering your chimney is to install a chimney cap. Our high-quality stainless steel caps carry a lifetime warranty.

Crown Wash Mortar Caps

Crown is the concrete like surface at the top of your chimney. Its job is to shed water away from the flue and also keep water from entering the chimney structure. Cracks or missing pieces in the crown can lead to extensive water damage in your chimney and home.